Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Rammed Earth

Third week of June. Everything is in place for installation of the rammed earth in the first of the three buildings:  formwork is complete; electrical installed; reinforcing tied in place; soil formulation tested; sand, gravel, and clay blended; and the new conveyor delivery system built and ready.  The total volume  of loose material required for each of the modules is about forty yards, plus a three yard bond beam on top.  I thought there might be a chance that with eight people (two on the mixer, one on the delivery conveyor, four on rammers, and one as a  go-for) we could place all the material in one day.  We might have had it not been for a few slow downs with the equipment:  the mix was a little wet (even in June) and kept bridging in the hopper, and the newly invented rotating delivery conveyor needed some fine tuning.Things improved after lunch on the first day, and we finished mid afternoon on the second day.  We'll let the walls cure in the forms for two days, then loosen the clamps and she-bolts and bring in the boom truck to relocate the forms for the second set-up.The photos in the post illustrate the stockpile, finished formwork, and conveyor delivery system.