Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26, '09 Stripping and re-setting the formwork
We finished ramming on Wednesday, spent Thursday cleaning up, pulling all the screws that held the corners and VDB's in place, and laying out the kitchen floor to receive the form panels.  On Friday morning we pulled the she-bolts holding the forms together and the boom truck arrived on schedule at 10:00 am.
We lifted out the four inside corner form panels first.  Khyber and Gabe were on the deconstruction side; Rigo and Junior were on the form setting side.  It worked like clockwork, taking the deconstructors precisely as much time to rig a form for removal as it did the form setters to align and plumb each piece.  On the way to its new location, each form assembly took a short detour to the wash down area where Terra cleaned off the lingering debris with a pressure washer.
Four hours after we began, all eight of the panels were set, plumbed, aligned, and tied together, ready for the next wall installation.  We have another day or two of removing and resetting the VDB's and a day of electrical.  A week from Monday we'll plan on ramming earth again.