Thursday, June 11, 2009

North two footings

First week of May '09:  Footings for The North Wing
After a half day of digging, we jumped into that massive hole and quickly set the perimeter form:  2 x 12's hung on steel stakes driven to a string line pulled off the foundation line.  We dropped the #5's into the trench and while Khyber and Abe set the inside form, Terra, Taj and I tied the grid:  #5's at 12" each way.  The whole thing took about eight hours for each of the two modules.
Once the formwork was up, we needed to identify the center line for all of the walls, and since the center jumped around the cut outs for closets, this was a little tedious.  We set 2x4's across the footing as end wall markers, then longer 2x4's on top for both center line markers and as attachment points for the vertical steel dowels that would tie the walls to the footings.
We also had to run the electrical conduits that would service each of the rooms from the sub panel.
We had an inspection from the county, then were ready for the pour.  We ordered a 4-1/2 sack, cement and fly ash blend, with trucks spaced thirty minutes apart.  Each of the footings took 26 yards.  Pouring was easy since we had truck access on three sides.  Terra and Abe stripped the forms the next day, but we made sure to keep it wet for a week to cure the concrete slowly and get the maximum benefit from the cement.

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