Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Home-made Beams

Terra here- I was just out on the site looking at our big stack of home-made beams.  One of the advantages of living up here in the foothills is our access to natural resources in our own backyard.  In addition to our rich red clay, the north slope of our property is covered in a thick conifer forest.  
Last summer, we selected two large Douglas Fir trees and Khyber harvested them with a used Stihl 090.  After they seasoned through the fall, Abe milled them into beams using the 090 and an Alaskan mill, in the same fashion my Dad milled wood 30 years ago for the rammed earth houses we grew up in.  It was a big job, but we had friends stopping by every week to watch the process and lend a hand.