Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pouring the floors

Last week of May
With the special clay and concrete formula dialed in, the pour itself for the two north slabs went smoothly.  We ordered two trucks, each with 5-1/2 yards spaced four hours apart.  This gave us time to rough finish the first slab before having to pour the second.  After the second slab was laid down, it was back to the first one for steel trowelling.
The clay in the mix slows down the set time.  It also adds a "leathery" character to the finish.  Small micro cracking will occur over time.  With a sealer, this cracking can look a little like crazing in porcelain glaze.  
Keep slabs damp and covered for several days to slow the cure, harden the surface and gain the maximum benefit from the cement.

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