Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slab floor Phase One

Second and third weeks of May '09 Slab floors Phase One
Abe and Terra stripped the formwork from the footings and made a site clean-up.  Luke hauled in a split load of gravel and sand for underslab prep.  
We started with two inches of gravel so we had a bedding for the electrical conduits, then we made connections to the stubs from the footing so we had complete circuits for each of the wall systems, and brought the gravel up to three inches below top of footing.
We laid a one-inch styrofoam insulation barrier on top of 6 mil visqueen, then ran the plumbing lines from the water heater closet to the kitchen sink and for the radiant slab.
With the plumbing in and insulated, we laid two inches of sand, up to the top of the footing. 
Slab reinforcing was 3#'s at 12" each way, set on 1-1/2" dobes.  For the radiant slab we used zip ties to secure 1/2" Pex tubing to the reinforcing on a 12" spacing; one zone for each of the two rooms.
I'm going to let Taj tell you about our special sand, gravel, cement, and red clay formulation for the slab in the next post.