Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soil Preparation

Third week of June '09  Soil Preparation
The red clay soil from the excavation was going to be one of the primary components in the wall formulation.  I'll let Taj describe the process we went through to arrive at the final mix design.  For this post, I wanted to show you the screening plant we built to clean the soil stockpile.  
The red Calaveras Clay has a very high percentage of fines.  Most of the clods will break down into dust when chewed up, either with a mechanical pulverizer or the tires of the bobcat.  Since we wanted a dense wall surface with little chance of clay balls popping out during a freeze, it was necessary to both pulverize and to screen the soil.
We did this with a vibrating 1/2" screen mounted on a lightweight steel frame.  The bobcat fed the screen and a light conveyor belt stockpiled it.
The photos illustrate the equipment and the finished product.  In the background you can see the formwork nearly ready for the wall installation.

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