Monday, August 31, 2009

A Family Project

Hi- this is Terra again, with a few thoughts about our family project.
When we were growing up, my dad always found a way to make work into play; paving the patio gave us all a chance to put our handprints in the tiles, and a trip to the neighborhood dump always seemed like an adventure.
Although this project is a lot bigger, and sometimes the ninety-degree, ten-hour days seem never-ending, we are still having just as much fun. Now, my family is building more than a house, we are building new relationships, respect, and countless memories. Everyday that I work with my dad and my brothers I have a fresh opportunity to appreciate their individual talents. I have always marveled at the speed with which our dad's engineering mind works through challenges, and watching him augment his recent inventions on the spot gives me new respect for this talent. Every day I am impressed by Khyber's balance of artistic vision and practical persistence, staying to work a fresh earth corner into the perfect shape even at the end of a long day of ramming. I am enthralled watching Taj mixing, sampling, and working with our soils, sifting a new mix design through his fingers with the same intense expression I am used to seeing on our father's face.
Through my work in the non-profit sector I have had plenty of opportunities to observe the practice of building important interpersonal skills by working together. Cooperative projects provide a perfect forum for team building and are often used by companies and organizations to improve communication and respect in a work or school environment. For our family, this project means all this and so much more. I look forward to making dinner in my new kitchen and remembering the jokes we were telling and the stories we were sharing as we rammed the red clay together.