Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Footings phase II

We're back to work at Terra's House after a short diversion to another project. The last activity on the site before the break was moving the forms from the guest bedroom to the kitchen. We could have built the kitchen walls this week except that we had no place to move the forms because the master bedroom foundation wasn't yet ready. You'll remember from reading Taj's posts how important it is to provide extra water to the walls to improve the cement hydration. We didn't want to leave the earth in the forms for too many days.

We made the decision to prep the master bedroom foundation and slab before building the kitchen. This post illustrates the work involved in the footing.

Luke Noble arrived with the backhoe on Thursday at 8:00 to dig the six-foot wide footing. It took him until 11:00, then Khyber, Junior, Rigo and I set form boards and tied the steel grid (#5's at 12"). The next day we laid out the wall center line, tied the verticals, and were ready for an inspection on Monday. Abe, Terra and I spent Monday afternoon running electrical conduit and copper supply lines for the roof top solar collectors.

The pour on Tuesday morning was simple: four trucks, each with nine yards, spaced thirty minutes apart. We pulled stakes and cleaned up Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday stripped the forms and started the floor slab prep.