Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kitchen walls/master bedroom forming

On Monday and Tuesday we rammed earth for kitchen walls and poured the bond beam. I had thought it might be possible to complete this work in one day with a larger crew, but as it turned out, there is just too much time involved in the complicated shutoffs, electrical, and the bond beam itself to finish in one day. The crew was comprised of four rammers and two people working the delivery conveyor and monitoring lift depth. We mixed the soil slightly wetter on the kitchen than the first bedroom and we kept the lift depth to eight inches. You can see in the photos the different quality to the walls.
We spent Wednesday pulling screws and form ties, removing scaffold planks, plus building VDB's and tieing steel in the master bedroom in preparation for receiving the forms. On Thursday the crane arrived and for the second time we lifted out form panels, washed and oiled them, then reset them for the third and final installation. The really fun part about Thursday, in addition to a flawless form relocation, was that we set the beams and roof panels on the first half of the house. I'll cover that in the next post. The photos in this post show the kitchen formwork and delivery conveyor system, Terra and Abe tieing steel for the master bedroom, the crane moving a panel, and the finished kitchen wall quality.