Monday, August 24, 2009

Roofing Phase One

Once the wall forms were moved from the kitchen to the master bedroom, we had a clear shot to set the roof beams and SIPs on the first half of the house. With the crane on site, it was only logical to do this right away.
Abe cut and notched the 6 x 16 Doug fir beams he milled last fall, Terra painted the underside of the SIPs while they were on the ground rather than on the roof, and with a bunch of hands to guide the beams and panels into place, we made short work of it. Frank Gilbeau, the crane operator, had a lifting "eye" that allowed us to pick up the panels in the dead center, which made installing them quick and easy.
We still have some refining of the lay-out plus framing of the clerestories on the end walls, but getting part of the roof up was a sort of celebration for the hard work of concrete, steel, and rammed earth.
It also gives us a chance to see how the contemporary roof lines are going to look.
The photos in this post are of Abe squaring his beams, Terra painting one of the panels, a beam being lowered into place, a panel on its way to landing, and a glimpse of the front of the house.


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