Saturday, September 26, 2009

Final slab prep

It's the end of September and we are nearing completion of the structural elements. We have a few small slabs to pour, then it will be time to settle in for a winter of carpentry.
Last week, after we put on the SIPs and bolted down all of the beams, Khyber built a chimney using Integrity Blocks, Abe installed the plumbing waste and supply lines, pressure tested all of the buried copper and radiant tubing, Terra sealed the walls, and we orchestrated a major clean-up of the site. The forming system is disassembled, cleaned, and bundled together to move to the next project. The tools are reorganized in the job trailer, the table saw and chop saw moved into the kitchen/winter cabinet shop, and the miscellaneous screws, nuts, and bolts sorted into empty paint buckets. If this were a paying job, the client would be writing a big check.
In October, Khyber and Taj are going to Maui to start reconnaissance for a project there this winter. Abe and Terra are about to become finish carpenters, and I am going to Mexico to see some of the rammed earth projects underway as a result of our workshop there two years ago.
The posts in Terra's blog will be less frequent, but check in from time to time to see how things shape up. The photos in this post give you a sense of how the house will look finished. The square hole in the wall to the right of the fireplace will be a wood-fired boiler and bread oven, used to heat the water for the radiant floor.


  1. Terra + All:
    I absolutely love your house; I look forward to following this blog. I have been researching rammed-earth construction now for a while as I would love to build my own home someday using this technique and your descriptions of the techniques you used, along with all of the pictures have given me loads more information and food for thought than I have seen in ages!
    Keep up the good work, it truly is a remarkable project!
    ~alan behr,
    Ventura County, CA

  2. Hey!
    How about an update?
    It would be great to see the finished house.
    Love your blog.


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