Monday, October 5, 2009

On the Horizon

We poured the final slabs at Terra's and took delivery of the roof membrane and galvanized gutters and flashing. As I told you in the last post, the pace of work will slow down for the winter. We're using recycled glass doors from Urban Ore in Berkeley for most of the living room wall, and framing them in with redwood from the old water tank. The challenge in the finishing stages is to incorporate as much recycled and salvaged materials as possible, yet keeping with the same high standards we've set so far.
The Terra's House blog will continue to provide updates on all the stages as they progress. I still owe you that post about how to build displacement boxes for niches, nooks, and closet, which I'll get to once the dishes are on the shelves. In the meantime, keep checking our website for new projects that we hope to follow as closely as we did Terra's.
The photos in this post will give you a taste of what's on the horizon for 2010. There's one more picture of Terra's, taken with a better lens and a better camera. The other photos are of the site at Jack's house, a city lot in old Mountain View and the site at Eric's house with a view of the entire Bay Area.


  1. Looks very cool. What type of bolts/screws are used to connect SIPs to beams? Does the metal roof screw directly into the SIPs?
    We are working on design for an addition to our house with rammed earth (megablock) and I've yet to decide on ceiling structure. Thanks.

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