Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Earth Block Bathroom & Roof Membrane

Hi, Terra here- Work on our house in the foothills has slowed down with the onset of fall, but the projects continue. Most recently, we have completed the bathroom section of the house, which is made from Integrity Blocks. These blocks are a green replacement for a CMU, using an earth mix and decreasing the cement content. Taj formulated the mix designs for Integrity Block, so we are excited to have the opportunity to include them as an element of our family project. The block wall contains concrete fill and steel support; we will plaster the interior, but the exterior will showcase the varied soil colors of this new product.

We have also finished our roof, just in time for the changing seasons. The sides of the structurally insulated panels are finished with custom galvanized gutters and drip edge flashing from Spectrum Sheet Metal, and the roof is covered with a rubber membrane from Flat Roof Solutions. The membrane is 45 millimeter factory-seamed EPDM UV resistant rubber which we received in three large sheets. Khyber and Abe fitted the membrane sections to the SIPs using a roll-on adhesive, then Abe and I edged them to the gutters using 6" self-adhesive cover tape. The flat roof and rubber membrane are another new component of this innovative home design, significantly reducing time and material costs compared to a typical roof.

Next, we will be framing in our clerestory and sliding glass doors. I will keep you posted as our finishing work continues.


  1. your house is so cool i am freaking out right now.

  2. Why the use of earth blocks rather than continuation of the use of rammed earth? Desire to experiment with different earth wall systems? Cost? Design variety? I'm looking at trying to do something similar (affordable, green, resource effecient, small housing) and am glad I stumbled across your site. Looking forward to your continued story. Cost analysis and what worked/didn't work would be great too. Thanks.

  3. Hello, I wish you good luck, to finish your idea.
    I would like to ask you if you can tell me more about the roof on the third picture. What construction and material did you use?
    It looks there is open space betwwen roof and the wall/ or it was picture from process of building?

    thank you


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