Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Continuing the Family Project

Hello- Terra here. Sorry it has been so long since my last blog post. Building through the winter months in the foothills is cold and challenging, but with the warmth of spring we are moving forward again. The spirit of our family project continues, with more help from brothers, cousins, uncles and friends.
In the last few months, Abe and I have been working to close in the house. He framed in the living room, the only walls in the house that are not constructed of rammed earth, and put in our doors and windows. Of course, we wanted to support local businesses as much as possible. We purchased 45 clerestory windows through Senders, a local hardware store. These, and the kitchen and bedroom window, are Milgard vinyl, with all the extras that should maximize the natural heating and cooling properties of our house. We also purchased locally, four sets of french doors, two for the living room and two for the master bedroom. The windows on the east and north walls open, to allow the breezes from the south to blow through the living room, venting the entire house.
Abe fell a dead cedar tree that was standing on our back forty acres and has been milling trim with the chainsaw setup he used for our beams. For the exterior living room walls, we decided to use Certainteed, a fiber cement siding. This siding is considered a green building material because it is made using 30% flyash and will last a long time with very little treatment. For the interior living room walls we will use redwood salvaged from our old water tank.
We are in the homestretch. Next, we will finish the interior walls and then begin installing our lights and fixtures. Wish us luck and check back to see our progress!


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